Pssst …We’re Different! Polyblox is more than an incredible learning toy; it’s a symbol for what we call “SOJI” or the “spirit of joyful inclusion.”

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Morbi auctor feugiat maximus. Ut condimentum, mi ut efficitur molestie, nibh metus venenatis sapien.



Grab a favorite book! Pause reading periodically to ask your learner to spell key words from the story.


Look at the totem pictures! Say and spell the picture words. Use the sign language pictures to sign them.


Put word letters into ABC order. Use the numbers to help with the order!


Spell your picture words. Find the RED vowels. What sound does each letter make?


Discuss the pictures on each totem. Can you invent a story with just three totems?


Find all of the animals that live in water. Separate the single numbers from the double digit.


Discuss Braille and Sign Language. Discuss how might differently-abled children experience nature or reading?


Arrange some of the pictures from smallest to largest.


Match your totems to objects in your area. Example: “B” totem to a “book.”


Explore the difference between upper/lower case.


Measure how tall you are with totems.


Lessons come to life with AR enriched Polyblox!  

“Have fun learning!” — Enso

About Us

ENSO – The Inspiration

Inventor Laresa remembers the wonder she felt as a child volunteering with her mom for autistic children. That experience planted early seeds of empathy and joy for the different ways we learn. Years later as a new mom herself, she hoped to recreate that feeling for her son, Enso. After purchasing many separate learning toys for sign language, shapes, colors, numbers, vowels etc. she realized that the information could be combined in a meaningful way. With a teaching background to compliment her love of research she began iterating the idea. The first Polyblox prototypes were a huge success with Enso and his teachers but the momentum stalled when the economy changed and she focused more on being a college professor and less on being an entrepreneur.

CAROLYN – Co Founder Emeritus

Fast-forward 8 years… Carolyn, mom to a young daughter and creative entrepreneur herself, loved the idea and helped Laresa raise awareness of the first commercially available sets of Polyblox. Polyblox grew out of a shared love for children and the unique ways they learn. It is about joyful inclusion and language love.

DYLAN – Cultural Liaison

US Veteran, Entrepreneur and Crow Nation Leader, Dylan Jefferson played a special role in Polyblox. He acted as a cultural liaison to several Native American Tribes on our behalf. With his help we received overwhelming assurances that it was acceptable for us to refer to individual Polyblox pieces as “totems.” Elders from three Native American Tribes agreed Polyblox Totems act in the true nature of a totem; they protect something sacred, language –which is culture.

DAT – Dang Awesome Human

Dat Dang founder/owner of D&D Unlimited Inc. introduced us to the world of manufacturing. A sincere supporter of Polyblox it is thanks to his mentoring, financial gifts and loyalty that Polyblox first became a tangible product. He is the man behind the inspiration to “do good and do well.”

Polyblox SOJI

With Polyblox we can start conversations, educate minds and open hearts for a lifetime. Become a SOJI campaign supporter to strengthen our Polyblox efforts to prevent prejudice toward those who learn differently or simply are different. Our mission is a kinder world through empathy in literacy learning. Polyblox SOJI is the Spirit of Joyful Inclusion!

Pssst …We’re Different!

“Not blocks, Polyblox.” Standard ABC blocks are without purposeful design yet taken for granted as an immutable classic. Enter Polyblox, the new classic. Our letters are placed using an algorithm that enables you to spell over 150,000 words/set and see each word in 3 languages at-a-glance.

Polyblox is a bridge between tradition & technical learning. It stands alone as an edutoy &/or meaningful technology experience via AR/VR.

Polyblox is also a bridge between human hearts. Our message the “spirit of joyful inclusion” –(SOJI) is a symbol for entities that value empathy, equality & education. We add joy to the trials of learning to read. What further differentiates us is that we are patented for all languages & future artificial intelligence will provide educators with valuable data. We are partnering our manufacturing and fulfillment processes with ford-thinking non-profits to create jobs for adults with special needs. In doing so we are walking our truth of striving to “do good and do well.”


Meet some of our amazing friends in the education and business community who share our Polyblox SOJI spirit! When you support our PolyPartners you show solidarity for the shared mission of a kinder more inclusive world. (click to view)


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Dramatic Education

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(will add more)


What Our PolyPeeps are Saying

“I love learning toys because incorporating a kinesthetic aspect to the learning experience adds so much to it. This teaching toy does just that. It’s highly kinesthetic, elegant and best of all, it’s a great tool for learning.” –Luis Garcia Vice President of Emerging Technologies and Esports at Full Sail University

“What a remarkable toy! As a mom, I love the size and how portable it is. As an educator, I love that it engages the brain, fostering learning and creativity.” –Kristen Campbell Head of School One School of the Arts and Co-founder of Feeding Children Everywhere